The statue of Rugova is revealed in Pejë, Abdixhiku: the Republic of Kosovo and the name of Ibrahim Rugova are one

Zbulohet shtatorja e Rugovës në Pejë, Abdixhiku: Republika e Kosovës dhe emri i Ibrahim Rugovës janë një

The statue of the former president of Kosovo, Ibrahim Rugova, was inaugurated today in Peja, on the 16th anniversary of independence.

The President of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Lumir Abdixhiku, said that "just as it is engraved forever in the heart of every Albanian", Rugova is being inaugurated forever etched in bronze in Pejë, in the city where he finished his high school education.

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Abdixhiku said that "the freedom of Kosovo, the independence of Kosovo, and the democracy of Kosovo itself are closely related to the historical leader".

"Today, with the inauguration of the statue of President Rugova in Peja, we are honoring the very values of our freedom and independence. We are honoring all those who gave their lives for the country. We are honoring all those who contributed to the country. We are honoring all our holy journey. We are honoring our country; The Republic of Kosovo, because the Republic of Kosovo and the name of Ibrahim Rugova are ONE", Abdixhiku said.

According to him, Ibrahim Rugova left behind a rich intellectual legacy and a political legacy, with unique and monumental results.

"There is no day and there is no date more meaningful than this day of independence, to unveil the statue of the greatest Albanian, of the greatest and traditional rightist, the founder of the Democratic League of Kosovo, the most deserving man for the Republic, the founding father of the state of Kosovo, the historical President, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova", said Abdixhiku.

The head of the LDK told the members of his party that they must work to implement President Rugova's guidelines.

"Let's do this road together as always. Let's make the country developed. This would be the greatest honor we would do to Ibrahim Rugova, practically to the Republic of Kosovo. Permanent memory for our historical leader, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova! May God always bless his work; Republic of Kosovo", concluded Abdixhiku's speech.