The emblem of the Rugova Autokton Folk Ensemble died at the age of 85

Vdiq në moshën 85 vjeçare emblema e Ansamblit Folklorik Autokton Rugova

Died at the age of 85, the emblem of the Rugova Autochthonous Folk Ensemble, the people's artist - Grand Master, Kapllan Nikçi.
For a full 70 years of activity in the preservation, cultivation and promotion of the cultural heritage of the Rugova ethnoregion. He was a dancer, singer, instrumentalist, in particular a master of wind instruments, kavall, flute, zurle bilbil, taturangj.
From the young age of 15, he participated in the festival of Kopri Slovenia 1955 and until today hundreds of national and world festivals, thousands of cultural events and meetings promoting these values, the oldest in the Balkans and Europe.
He was a diligent worker and the leader of the workers' movement for freedom and liberation, for which he was persecuted and imprisoned many times, but he stood stoically on the national line.
Member of the central council of the national front.