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  • Vdiq në moshën 85 vjeçare emblema e Ansamblit Folklorik Autokton Rugova

    The emblem of the Rugova Autokton Folk Ensemble died at the age of 85

    Died at the age of 85, the emblem of the Rugova Autochthonous Folk Ensemble, the people's artist - Grand Master, Kapllan Nikçi.

  • Trajnimet më të Rinjët 

    Trainings with Young People 

    After a series of efforts, AFA Rugova has started the newest training near Skenderbeu and Ismajl Hajdaraj high schools in Peja.

  • Festivali Folklorik”Hasi Jehon”

    "Hasi Jehon" Folklore Festival

    The "Rugova" Autochthonous Folk Ensemble receives the "Outstanding Dancer" award

  • Festivali “Sofra Dardane” – Bajram Currë, Shqipëri

    "Sofra Dardane" Festival - Bajram Currë, Albania

    Rugova Autochthon Folk Ensemble - They participated in the "Sofra Dardane" Festival...

  • Përkujtim:


    The years are passing and the memory brings sadness and pain for the parent, educator, founder and leader of the "Rugova" Autokton Folk Ensemble Ramë (Kapllan) Nikçi (1928 - 2006)

  • Njoftim


    The painful departure of the old member of the Rugova Indigenous Folk Ensemble Shaban Salih Nikqi.

  • Njoftim


    The Rugova Indigenous Folk Ensemble has started the registration of new members of all age groups for dancing, singing and folk instruments.

  • Notification

    We invite you to come to the Opening of the Rugova Traditional Games 2022 on Sunday, August 7. Starting as usual at 9:00 a.m. at the House of Culture.

  • Notification

    Due to the fact that today is a day of mourning in Kosovo, the Burimor Folklore evening is postponed until tomorrow. So, on March 26, Saturday at 6 p.m. (entrance is free).